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Glenn Turner gracious posted up this script to delete KBUninstall folders that end up taking a great deal of room on computers. If you have applied a service pack that replaces the need for a hotfix you do not need these folders. Keep in mind if you remove a folder from a workstation and later on you need to uninstall a specific patch, if you have removed the KBuninstall folder, you can't then uninstall the update.

"Our script is now in production and we were able to delete around 45GB. This will save us 4TB of tape writes annually.

The script connects to AD, grabs a list of all machines in the Servers OU, then goes through each one, first ensuring that it’s online, then checking that the hostname that the server responds with is the machine you’re trying to target (that’s also good for checking that WMI is working. We then find out the location of the windows directory, enumerate all directories containing the string KBUninstall, then delete them if they are older than the deletionthreshold (we chose 60 days).

Load it up in a script editor that is VBScript aware and shows colours so that you can get a better idea of the comments. Obviously, test it before running it (even though I’ve commented out the line that actually does the deletion. When you do run it, use cscript.exe scriptname.vbs otherwise you’ll get a whole load of popups.

I hope this helps somebody."

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